ATV Cargo Box 2-Up Ulysse Touring

CoffreUlysseTouring grand-15CoffreUlysseTouring grand-16

Intermediate Model

-Innovative design and ergonomics for enhanced comfort
-Storage for two helmets (Small, Medium or Large)
-Independent compartment with self venting fuel tank included (10 Litres – 2.5 Gallons) 
-License plate area at the back
-Ergonomic rubber grips
-Flexible rubber hand-guards
-Lock with two keys
-Unique reflectors
-Imbedded elastic system to hold fuel can in place

Deluxe model
Additional features of deluxe model

-Two LED tail lights
-Heated grips with easy to use switch

CoffreUlysseTouring petite-1Ulysse Touring Front
CoffreUlysseTouring petite-14 CoffreUlysseTouring petite-13

CoffreUlysseTouring petite-10

2004 - 2012  
No: 99RK-025 Intermediate | 99RRK-035 Deluxe

2013 and up
No: 99RK-027 Intermediate | 99RK-037 Deluxe

CoffreUlysseTouring petite-11CoffreUlysseTouring petite-12


CoffreUlysseTouring petite-9

2008 and up
No: 99RK-026 Intermediate | 99RK-036 Deluxe

DSC08318CoffreUlysseTouring petite-8


CoffreUlysseTouring petite-4
2006 - 2016
No: 99RK-028 Intermediate | 99RK-038 Deluxe

No: 99RK-025 Intermediate | 99RK-035 Deluxe

CoffreUlysseTouring petite-7CoffreUlysseTouring petite-5CoffreUlysseTouring petite-2

CF Moto
No: 99RK-025 Intermediate | 99RK-035 Deluxe